Our Story

CIM was founded in 1986 as Carroll Industrial Molds. The Company began operations out of an 1800 sq. ft. building in Chadwick IL, expanding multiple times over the next several years, until moving to the current Milledgeville IL facility in 1992. Today, CIM utilizes 36,000 sq. ft. in our Milledgeville facility which includes dedicated space for administration, sales, design, CNC programming, CNC operations, pattern/model making, aluminum casting, manual machining, welding, and Teflon coating.

As an early adopter of CAD/CAM and automated machining philosophies CIM continued to expand capabilities as the business grew.  CIM currently utilizes Solidworks software for their CAD design and Autodesk HSM Works for its CAM package. Systematically, the company added more services, expanded its complement of automated machining and manufacturing equipment, and hired more skilled professionals to become part of our team – all allowing us to meet the needs of our mold customers and additional markets more efficiently and effectively.

Today, CIM’s tradition of quality work, on-time delivery, and personalized customer service is continuing with our leader, Curt Dusing.  Curt is a second-generation owner of CIM and took over in 2018. Curt is recognized industry-wide for his knowledge and expertise, and especially his persistence in making sure that every order is completed to a customer’s specifications.

Under Curt’s guidance, CIM has improved its manufacturing process and has begun expanding beyond the mold market.  It is out of this expansion that Carroll Innovative Manufacturing was formed.  CIM is continuing to be an industry leader in EPS molds as well as diversifying to utilize all their manufacturing capabilities to offer expanded design/engineering services, custom small batch machining, aluminum castings, and additional coatings options.

Our Core Focus

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing’s passion is positively impacting the lives of our team and our customers by providing a high-quality product, on time, to help our customers help their customers.

What We Do

Utilizing our extensive experience, skilled staff and the latest in equipment and technology, Carroll Innovative Manufacturing exceeds the industry standard in custom machined components, castings, and coatings.

Our Vision

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing aims to achieve sustainable growth and generate adequate funds for re-investment into the company.  We aim to become process driven to eliminate waste and add additional capacity.  We aim to grow our employees by empowering and motivating everyone to become a leader. Our team members will work in a safe and clean environment to increase engagement and productivity.  CIM intends to create a self-managed company to provide challenges, opportunity, and freedom to pursue desired experiences for all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing is more than just a company.  We are a blended family of individuals with common goals which allows us to be the best we can be.  Every family has traits which define them and are obvious to those outside.  Those traits define who we are.

At CIM, there is no “I”, only WE.

    – We work hand in hand with common goals
    – We humbly mentor
    – We rise to each challenge
    – We beat expectations
    – We are ever learning by working smarter, not harder
    – We believe that our mistakes make us better

What Makes CIM Unique

  • We are Vertically Integrated
  • We Always find a way by going above and beyond
  • We strive to know our customers as well as they know themselves

Who We Serve

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing serves North American foam molders and mold makers who are focused on cost, lead time, knowledge, and quality.  These customers in turn serve the packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, recreational, construction, and safety industries.  CIM also serves manufactures looking for short run/small batch custom machined parts, aluminum castings, and coatings.

Feel Free to Contact Us

We would love to here from you! For general Inquiries, comments or questions please contact us.

About Us

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing Inc. aims to achieve sustainable growth and generate adequate funds for re-investment into the company. We aim to become process driven to eliminate waste.

Contact Information

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202 N. Washington Street Milledgeville, IL 61051