Carroll Industrial Molds is a vertically integrated full-service mold-maker.  The Company offers a multitude of services including custom mold design, specializing in EPS, EPP, EPE, Thermoform, Urethane, and other aluminum molds. Our in-house service areas include mold design, pattern, casting, CNC machining, assembly, and specialty coatings.

  • Teflon® coating
  • Mold design and solid modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Foam sample cutting
  • Pattern and model making
  • Aluminum casting
  • Contract machining
  • Design
  • Pattern/Casting
  • CNC
  • Assembly
  • Coatings

Mold Design

Accurate information is essential to produce a quality product. After an order is placed our design and project managers will work with you to produce a detailed and efficient design utilizing the latest solid modelling design software and technology.

  • All new projects begin with a customer supplied solid part model, or if not available, we can create a solid part model for customer approval.
  • We can utilize existing paper drawings, foam samples, working models, or simply a part concept to create accurate solid part models and/or mold layouts.
  • We can import your supplied data and specifications in a variety of electronic formats.
  • We can reverse engineer or verify existing products with state-of-the-art 3D digitizing equipment.
  • We utilize SolidWorks to produce production details and identify potential problem areas. On a mold build, solid modeling allows identification of specific mold details; such as interference issues, ejection concerns, proper cooling, water drainage and/or other problems.
  • Issues identified and visualized at the design stage enable adjustment prior to the actual production process.
  • Once a design has been approved and released, production instructions are prepared to ensure an accurate project completion.


  • Precise shrinkage and draft are tailored to customer specifications.
  • Pattern and casting solid model configurations are produced in SolidWorks.
  • Close tolerance CNC machined patterns are built from Ren-Board, wood, or aluminum
  • Quality aluminum castings are produced in our in-house casting facility.
  • All castings are poured from A356 primary alloy.
  • The no-bake process is utilized to produce aluminum castings ranging from 1lb. to 500 lbs.
  • We can produce prototypes, one-offs, or short-run production castings.
  • The casting finish is excellent with many completed EPS molds shipped “as cast” with only minimal cavity polishing required.


We are committed to automated machining and are fully equipped with a several CNC vertical machining centers as well as a CNC turning centers. Featuring:

  • Haas GR-712 gantry vertical mill:  X 145.00”, Y 85.00”, Z 24.00”
  • Haas GR-510 gantry vertical mill:  X 121.00”, Y 61.00”, Z 11.00”
  • Haas VF-6SS vertical mill: X 64.00”, Y 32.00”, Z 30.00”
  • Haas VF-5 vertical mill: X 50.00”, Y 26.00”, Z 25.00”
  • Haas VF-3YT vertical mill: X  40.00”, Y 26.00”, Z 25.00”
  • YCM WV-108A vertical mill: X 44.00”, Y 30.00”, Z 27.50”
  • Haas DS-30Y turning center with 4’ bar feeder: 18.00” dia., 23.00” length
  • YCM GT-250B turning center with 4’ bar feeder: 16.53” dia., 20.27” length
  • Multiple seats of SolidWorks, HSMWorks, and Mastercam CAM programming software.
  • All Haas CNC machines equipped with wireless intuitive on-machine probing.
  • Proficient in CNC machined billet aluminum and near net shape aluminum castings.


Tasked with pulling all aspects of the mold building process together for final assembly, our experienced mold-makers are all proficient in:

  • Manual machining
  • Fabrication
  • Cavity venting – core vent and CNC precision hole
  • Cavity finishing and polishing
  • Welding – MIG. TIG, and gas
  • Cooling manifold design and placement
  • Pre-assembly fit-ups and inspections
  • Final completed mold inspection


We offer complete “in-house” Teflon coating services, including:

  • New mold coating – cavity finished part surfaces, cavity backsides, and steam chamber surfaces (optional for corrosion resistance)
  • Used, refurbished, and repaired mold re-coating
  • Component and accessory coating – ejector heads, number and ID tags, and miscellaneous components
  • Additional features:
    • Curing oven capacity of 6′ x 10′
    • Genuine DuPont Teflon materials
    • Powder coating capability for accessory components
    • Mold disassembly and reassembly service if required
    • Timely turnarounds
    • Restored mold performance