Carroll Industrial Molds produces and supplies a wide variety of mold components and wear items for all common EPS and EPP molding presses and molds.  Whether it be major components such as receiver frames, extension frames and press adapter frames, or basic wear and replacement parts like ejector bushing seals, Teflon coated vents, or  O-ring stock, Carroll Industrial Molds can accommodate your component and replacement part needs.

Mold Components:

  • Receiver Frames
  • Extension Frames
  • Mold Adapter Frames
  • Ejector Heads
  • Ejector Bushings
  • Ejector Seals
  • Replacement Ejector Seats
  • Alignment Pins
  • Fillguns & Accessories
  • Cooling Components
  • Replacement Vents
  • Tefloned Vents
  • Lifting Fixtures
  • Mold handling Carts
  • And More!


CIM is your source for all your mold component and replacement parts.