Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What information do I need to provide to CIM to receive a timely project quotation?

Precise and thorough information is essential to produce an accurate mold project quote.  The following information and data should be provided:  ( items marked with * are required information)

    • Part/Project Name *
    • Part Size (l x w x d) *
    • Press Size *
    • Estimated No. Cavities *
    • Crush Fill Reqd. *
  • Part Wall Thickness *
  • Material *
  • Venting Requirements *
  • Teflon Required *
  • Logo(s) Required *
  • Electronic Part File (preferred)
  • Material Shrinkage Rate
  • Part Drawing
  • Estimated # Fillguns
  • Estimated # Ejectors
    • Part Numbers Required
    • Any Small Radii Reqd.
    • Any Knife Edges Reqd.
    • Any Backdraft Present
    • Any Unusual Parting Line

    What CAD data formats can you work with?

    CIM produces all projects utilizing SolidWorks CAD software.  Therefore, our recommended and preferred data format is a native SolidWorks part file. (SLDPRT file extension)

    CIM can utilize a variety of additional file formats, but will lose critical design and construction features in the translation (example – fillets, hole info, surface info, etc.) which may affect our ability to use the data efficiently. 

    Some other formats include:

    • DWG
    • DXF
    • Parasolid 

    • IGES
    • STEP
    • Catia
    • ProE
    • Inventor
    • SolidEdge

    • CADKEY

    What is the biggest factor that causes delays in a mold project?

    Missing or poor information is the single largest cause of mold project delays.  Good accurate information available up front is absolutely necessary to ensure a timely project completion.

    What are the milestones in a typical mold build project?

    Mold build project milestones are:

    • customer release of order/purchase order
    • request for down payment
    • receipt of down payment
    • release for design
    • customer design approval
    • release for production
    • CNC programming
    • CNC machining
    • casting (if reqd.)
    • casting machining (if reqd.)
    • pre-assembly
    • Teflon coating (if reqd.)
    • final assembly
    • final QA inspection
    • and project shipment